Katherine Kuhlman, "Faith Healer" Supreme

Posted 26/06/2008
Katherine Kuhlman was one of the giants of the ‘Faith Healers’. In her time she was one of a kind. Many flocked to her meetings, even non-Christians. Secular newspapers covered her meetings. And in her meetings there were so many miracles. But as much healing that took place in her crusades, the fact was that there were still some that left unhealed. Katherine, however, was of the opinion that one day there would be meetings where every single person would get healed. Of course, for this to occur the faith level of the believers and the ministers would have to abound and abound.

We are entering into that time zone now. God wants to display His power to this extent: every single person getting a miracle as in the days of Jesus. But He is waiting for our faith to grow to this threshold level. So the question is: how do we build up our faith to such a great level ?

Romans 10:17 : says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

The foundation for building your faith is the Word of God. So read the Bible.
As we read all about God in the Bible and all of the miracles that He has done our faith will start to grow. What God has done for others He can do for me.

The Bible is the bread of life. As with our natural food, to stay alive we need to eat every day. One meal a week will not keep us alive. As so, picking up the Bible once a week is not enough. For many people, Sundays at church is the only time they open the Bible. But this is not the way to become strong in faith. We need food everyday to live physically; and we need to read the Bible everyday to stay alive, healthy and strong spiritually.

But reading the Bible and then putting it on the bookshelf is not enough to build strong faith, the kind of faith that Katherine Kuhlman had. The Word of God should be constantly before our eyes. Put the Word of God on little cards, or on little notebooks that fit in your pocket, listen to tapes or CD’s of Bible teachers, carry a pocket New Testament, etc. In other words, keep the Word of God going on throughout the day. This indeed, is the way to strong faith.
Another thing is hearing the Word. “Faith comes by hearing.” So in addition to reading the Word get into the habit of reciting the Word and hearing the Word. The more you speak the Word, the more you hear the Word, the more your faith will grow. Over the years I have put scriptures onto cassette tapes and listen to these tapes whenever I have a chance.

Another way I have taught my church to pray is like this: I would take a scripture, recite it several times (or recite the main portion of that scripture, or paraphrase that scripture), then praise God like saying ‘Hallelujah!’ and then doing it all over again. We would do a scripture like this for 20 minutes or more. For example, we took Psalms 30.5 and spoke out, “Weeping endures for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” We would repeat this over and over again.

The result of this was that when trouble came, we had grown in faith so much that we felt in our spirit, “This trouble is not going to last forever. There is nothing to worry about. We just give it to God and trust Him to handle it. And joy will come very quickly.” So trouble would not bring us down.
Another ingredient to increasing faith is found in:

Jude 20: But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit.

Praying in Tongues is the primary way of praying in the Holy Spirit. And according to this verse, when we pray in Tongues we are building up our faith. The more we pray in Tongues the more our faith can grow. In my prayer life I have found a most effective way to increase your faith: Quoting a scriptures, praising God for that scripture, and then going into praying in Tongues.

The Word of God and the Holy Spirit
working together that will really cause your faith to grow by leaps and bounds.
[If you have not received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost yet, and have not yet experienced speaking in Tongues , or would like to know more of this subject, you may check out our materials.
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